We work direct

We work directly with some of the best restaurateurs and food businesses around the UK, delivering sustainable produce of phenomenal quality, all at competitive prices.


Always in season

As we grow indoors, we can produce all of our crops all year round – so there’s no need to worry about seasonality.

Grown to your needs

Our carefully-controlled growing environment allows us to tailor our produce to meet your specific size and taste requirements.

Delivered fresh

Place an order with us and you will receive your order the next morning, freshly-picked and ready to use immediately.

Our products

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Amaranth (Red)

Slightly bitter colourful leaf

Basil (Green)

Sweet and fruity full flavour basil in micro form

Basil (Purple)

Fruity, zingy and vibrant basil flavour


A wonderful textured microgreen, bursting with fresh cucumber flavours , with hint of lime zest


 An earthy brassica flavour

Carrot Shoots

A carroty sweetness, with meaty undertones


A great floral cress, with hint of lime zest and mossy notes


Warming citrus flavours with a nutty finish


A light herbaceous cress, with hints of liquorish


A wonderful moreish cress, with a peppery finish.

Lemon Balm

Very delightful lemony leaves, herby and floral.


Full of fiery minty freshness


Light and refreshing, with a great cleansing effect


Light and peppery, like rocket

Mizuna (red)

Light and peppery, like rocket

Mustard (Red Giant)

A light peppery microgreen, with a fruity finish

Nasturtium Leaves

A wonderfully peppery leaf, that packs a punch


Fruity, micro parsley packed full of flavour

Pea Shoots (Tendril)

Crisp, light, fully embracing the pea flavour profile

Radish (Daikon)

A wonderful fiery pepper freshness.

Radish (Rioja)

Colourful peppery radish flavour


Light and peppery microgreen


A wonderful sweet pine flavour

Shiso green

A unique flavour leaf, with peppermint and cucumber-like freshness

Sorrel (Red Veined)

Colourful microgreen, with a zesty bergamot flavour

Swiss Chard (rainbow)

A mellow earthy microgreen, light undertones of citrus


Bring an amazing cleansing feeling to the mouth


Crisp light microgreen

Toon Shoots

Structed leaf, with a wonderful meaty and nutty flavour and sharp zest notes


Refreshing flavour with a subtle aniseed note

shiso purple

A wonderful herbal microgreen.

Trial our produce and see the MiniCrops difference

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Our ingredients are grown to meet the standards of some of the world’s finest chefs and restaurants...