Vertically farmed in London


We vertically farm our produce using less water, no soil and no herbicides or pesticides. Using LEDs reduces our energy consumption compared to traditional farming.


Growing in a controlled environment means that we can optimise and reliably reproduce the size and taste profile of all of our produce.


Our method doesn’t rely on soil quality or the unpredictably of the weather, so we are able to grow our entire offering independent of seasonality.

Restaurant Quality

Exceptional Quality

All of our produce is grown to the incredibly high standards demanded by professional chefs so you’ll always receive the freshest most flavorful ingredients.

Singularly Fresh

As our produce is harvested and delivered in the same day, we can guarantee a level of freshness which is incomparable.

Unparalleled Taste

We use precision-growing vertical farming techniques to optimise the taste profile of our produce.


Sustainability first

Less waste

Our reliable growing process and ability to grow to order means that, come time to harvest, almost none of our produce is wasted.


We don’t use any pesticides in our growing process, which means our ingredients arrive ready to eat, without any need to wash them first.


We use eco-friendly packaging for all of our products, which can be composted safely once used.


Delivered directly

No Intermediaries

We work directly with our customers, so there is no delay in providing the freshest ingredients as quickly as possible.

Rapid Delivery

We guarantee 36 hour delivery for all home orders, and next-morning delivery for all professional orders placed before midnight*.

*Within Greater London. Next day chilled delivery nationwide.

Low CO2 Footprint

Our ingredients are delivered using public transport, foot or electric vehicle. We aim consciously to reduce the number of food miles that our products travel.